Ranger/Trainee Ranger

Closing date: 
30 Sep 2022


JOB TITLE:                                         Ranger  

SALARY BAND:                                SG5  

RESPONSIBLE TO:                           Senior Ranger/Aldabra Scientific Coordinator/Island Manager 

HOURS OF WORK:                         40 hours per week and upon request of overtime  


Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Implementing all monitoring and participation in data collection programmes and management as requested by the Senior Ranger, Aldabra Scientific Coordinator (ASC), Island Manager (IM) or other person designated.
  2. Organizing and carry out all monitoring and data collection, entry and checking to the best possible standard according to the existing protocols and ASC’s instructions, with high accuracy, precision and coverage and good attention to detail.
  3. Organizing and conducting data entry and checking for all the monitoring programmes. 
  4. Organising to provide the ASC with accurate, objective and prompt reports of monitoring activities, including problems and necessary clarifications when required
  5. Organising and attending camp visits for up to several days, and ensures that the scheduled work and all monitoring duties are completed to a high standard.
  6. Organising and assisting in the planning of camp visits and organisation of food supplies including providing a camp food list to the ASC on return to the Station.
  7. Attend and contribute to weekly research meetings and monthly staff meetings, raising any issues as they arise in a constructive manner.
  8. Assist the Senior Ranger, ASC, IM, visiting scientists and visitors with all issues relating to science, conservation, education and tourism as requested.  
  9. Assisting with compiling information for and writing reports, organising library information and assisting with computer maintenance on request by the ASC.
  10. Assisting with the maintenance and upkeep of field camps, trails, scientific transects and other science and conservation programme related needs in the field
  11. Organising and assisting with the maintenance and upkeep of the Research Station facilities and equipment by providing assistance as required.
  12. Take responsibility for all SIF equipment issued, including maintenance, cleaning and returns of equipment in the same condition it was issued. Encourage others in this and appreciate that there are financial penalties for non-return or negligent use of equipment.
  13. Organising and assisting with internal and external research projects as approved and requested including collection of samples, scientific observations and research support.
  14. Familiarisation and strict enforcement to staff and visitors of all Aldabra regulations and SIF policies, including the National Park and Nature Conservancy Act.
  15. Familiarisation and enforcement of environmental management and waste disposal policies, including periodic clean-ups with all staff, especially within those areas used by tourists and other visitors.
  16. Participate in invasive alien species eradication and control programmes as assigned by the ASC and HO.
  17. Accompany and guide visitors on Aldabra as requested by the ASC, ensure that their conduct is in accordance with all SIF policies and report any misconduct to the ASC/IM.
  18. Ranger will also be required from time to time to take up and fulfill duties beyond the scope of the contract due to the nature of Aldabra.
  19. At all times, maintain a professional, responsible, respectful, positive, friendly and cooperative manner in accordance with the SIF Code of Conduct, particularly when in the presence of visitors, as a representative of SIF and staff member on Aldabra Atoll. 
  20. Assist in the training and guidance of new staff, making them familiar with field and data entry methods



A levels in Biology or equivalent subjects and 2 years’ experience in a similar position or successful completion of post-secondary education 

This post is open to Seychellois applicants only.

Apply for this post by sending your CV, a completed application form (can be found here or collected from our offices) and a cover letter explaining your capability and suitability for this position. Applications and enquiries on this position can be made at info@sif.sc.

The deadline for applications is 30/09/22