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The booking request system is still in testing phase, for now please refer to this page for information or you can email or
Aldabra is a remote and fragile atoll and there are significant logistical challenges in getting there. For anyone wishing to visit Aldabra it is important to realise that the atoll has no airstrip, no harbour or jetty and no helipad. There is no hotel or guesthouse and Aldabra is not set up to accommodate general visitors. All visitors arrive on live-aboard vessels. SIF is not a tourism operator and cannot organise visits, transport or accommodation for tourists. People who would like to visit need to contact one of the operators who include Aldabra on their itinerary. For more info please check out the Aldabra section on the website.
Designated as a Special Reserve under Seychelles law, SIF operates a limited and strictly controlled tourism policy which supports our objective of protecting the atoll and its biodiversity. All visitors to the atoll must receive prior authorisation from SIF.