If you are passionate about the work we do and want to help, then there are several ways you can get involved!

Spread the word

Help us share our exciting updates by interacting with our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and signing up for our E-Newsletter.

Visit the Vallée de Mai and take a guided tour

There is no better way to truly understand and support our work than by stopping in and exploring this unique site, learning about it in person. Your entrance fee goes towards the conservation and management of both of Seychelles’ World Heritage Sites, the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll. 

Attend events

We often need assistance at our outreach events. If you have some free time and want to get involved we would welcome your support and/or participation in these events, give us a call or email for more information. Check out our Events page for details of upcoming events.

Join us

A great way to contribute is to work for SIF, either as a paid member of staff or as a volunteer. Check out our Jobs page for more details.

Make a gift

If you would like to make a financial donation to SIF your support could purchase some of the vital equipment required for our work; €4 covers a turtle flipper tag; €5 buys educational equipment for children to learn about black parrots; €50 pays for a security guard to patrol the Vallée de Mai and protect the coco de mer nuts for one night or the cost of a mist-net to catch and ring black parrots; €80 is a pair of binoculars for the field team; €100 covers a transmitter for a tortoise; €250 is the cost of a GPS unit used to track and map endemic species in the field; €500 pays for underwater camera equipment to monitor Aldabra’s coral reef; and €800 covers an electronic data capture device (e.g. Trimble) being used to improve and streamline data collection at the sites. Contact info@sif.sc if you would like to make a donation.