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Seychelles' Aldabra Atoll wins prestigious designation as protected ecosystem 568.76 KB 17/01/2020
Aldabra Atoll earns prestigious Blue Park Award 509.47 KB 29/10/2019
Professor David Stoddart scholarships 340.45 KB 29/10/2019
Yellow crazy ants in the cross hairs 749.11 KB 29/10/2019
Can you spot one of Seychelles' endemic black parrots? 570.15 KB 14/08/2019
Young Seychellois join colleagues to sign pledge to protect the ocean 1.45 MB 22/09/2017
Eat less parrotfish, save Seychelles' coral reefs? 1.63 MB 22/09/2017
Students recount adventures on Seychelles' Aldabra atoll 1.09 MB 22/09/2017
Winning students begin exploration of Seychelles' wild and natural Aldabra Atoll 267.43 KB 22/09/2017
President Danny Faure visits the Vallée de Mai 344.93 KB 22/09/2017
Aldabra reef monitoring a success 956.9 KB 22/09/2017
Once upon an island - The movie 365.04 KB 22/09/2017
Legends of the Coco de Mer 99.52 KB 22/09/2017
Crocodile fossils found on Seychelles atoll of Aldabra 1.35 MB 22/09/2017
Return of the Seychelles 654.47 KB 22/09/2017
Green turtles switch nesting grounds from Seychelles atoll of Aldabra to Tanzania island 335.31 KB 21/09/2017
Travel through time at the Vallée de Mai 698.67 KB 21/09/2017
A turtle's journey - Where do Aldabra's green turtles go? 1.68 MB 21/09/2017
The Coco de Mer - An artist's muse 100.88 KB 21/09/2017
Visits by students to the Seychelles atoll of Aldabra resume in 2015 1.47 MB 21/09/2017
Aldabra, an amazing sanctuary 412.69 KB 21/09/2017
Introduced red-whiskered bulbul eradicated from Seychelles 307.82 KB 21/09/2017
Seychelles wins war against invasive red-whiskered bulbul 626.45 KB 21/09/2017
A love affair with Aldabra 960.95 KB 21/09/2017
Aldabra and it's extended family 361.31 KB 21/09/2017
Leader in environmental protection 234.2 KB 21/09/2017
Celebrating 30 years of conservation 286.24 KB 21/09/2017
Seychelles black parrot an endemic species 279.45 KB 21/09/2017
Treasured territory - Aldabra's untouched paradise 852.09 KB 21/09/2017
Valée de Mai thirty years on 492.46 KB 21/09/2017
Invasion of yellow crazy ant in a Seychelles UNESCO palm forest 188.64 KB 21/09/2017
The black parrot - National bird of Seychelles 641.93 KB 21/09/2017
Thought wiped out by climate change, 'extinct' snail rediscovered in Seychelles 818.44 KB 21/09/2017
Our national bird - the Seychelles black parrot 1.75 MB 21/09/2017
The Vallée de Mai - A world class experience 597.79 KB 21/09/2017
IUCN commends SIF after findings rate Aldabra Atoll and the Vallée de Mai as effectively managed 1.32 MB 21/09/2017
Rediscovery of the Aldabra banded snail 287.12 KB 21/09/2017
Long lost chameleon rediscovered in Seychelles 341.28 KB 21/09/2017
Animals tracked with tiny tags summon their own drones 316.68 KB 21/09/2017
Valée de Mai's 30th Anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site 138.63 KB 21/09/2017
Goats and red-whiskered bulbul eradicated from Aldalbra 1.48 MB 21/09/2017
Progress made against invasive alien species in Seychelles' world heritage sites 230.04 KB 21/09/2017
The legendary vallée de mai 608.99 KB 21/09/2017
Paradise in peril 262.39 KB 21/09/2017
The parakeet problem 223.51 KB 21/09/2017

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Latest Tourism - Aldabra

  • 27/07/2020
    Any visiting vessel to Aldabra must receive authorisation from SIF before their visit otherwise they will not be permitted to anchor in Aldabra waters or go ashore. Vessel operators/owners may complete a clearance form here and submit to SIF for consideration and attach their port clearance documentation.
  • 17/07/2020
    Aldabra is a remote and fragile atoll, designated as a Special Reserve under Seychelles law, SIF operates a limited and strictly controlled tourism policy which supports our objective of protecting the atoll and its biodiversity.
  • 17/07/2020
    Please download the scuba and snorkelling regulations. Divers and snorkelers are expected to strictly adhere to reserve regulations and follow the rules illustrated in the info graphic.
  • 17/07/2020
    Please download the Aldabra drone regulations which guests wishing to pilot a drone must follow after obtaining permission to fly from the Island Manager or Tourism Coordinator.