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Aldabra: The Best Natural Heritance We Can Leave Our Children
Site by Kalsey Belle, Independence School

Aldabra Aerial view - Camerapix

The dolphins say I belong to an archipelago called Seychelles. According to the sea gulls I have been a World Heritage Site for twenty five years, meaning I have been recognized officially as having great international importance. I am being protected, thus I rarely have visitors, claim the dugongs. Yes, I communicate with the animals and plants with which I share my sanctuary. We coexist. We cannot live without one another.

My history dates during the early Miocene epoch. About every million years I submerse to resurface a million years later. New species inhabit my body. I relish the serene way of life, the gentle lapping of waves upon my calcareous flesh and the melodious chirping of birds, soothing my mind.  Some days are scorching hot, burning my skin. Other days are wet, moisturizing my body, whilst the flora and fauna spring to life. However, time is of the essence and more pressing matters await discussion.

I am Aldabra, a haven anxious about its future. A storm is brewing. I sense it from within.

Humans suggest I am the best natural inheritance they can leave their children. I agree. However, I fear my time is near. Will I still be of existence in 50 years time? Humans are unintentionally destroying me as they have done so everything else in their past. I am suffering, as a victim, of global warming and the green house effect.

Twice a day the tide draws out, cleansing my blood of impurities. Hours later my insides are replenished with a multitude of nutrients; fish and marine life.

Recently though, the sea level has, rather rapidly, risen submerging my hands and feet for hours at a time. Plants near my shores have met death.   It seems absurd but melting ice somewhere far away is affecting the world in which I live. Every inhabitant has noticed and show deep concern.

Are you humans, whole-heartedly aware of the significance of the problem? If I am to drown in the near future where will 160 000 tortoises resettle? The endemic white-throated rail, will it no longer be present to befriend the nomadic scientists? They are only animals. I am only an island. However, we play an essential part in the global society.

My intentions are not to frighten but to raise awareness of this delicate situation. Although, one may argue that I have drowned on previous occasions and shall definitely re-emerge in a few centuries’, times have changed. I fear that this may be D-day. If I do resurface I presume that it will be after the age of mankind. I am not psychic but I do predict that if mankind are to continue along this disastrous route, not only I shall perish but civilization itself, including the earth, will meet its end. Find means both as an individual and a society to prevent such a self-inflicted occurrence.

I beg of you, Stop global warming! Protect my inhabitants. Protect the world. Protect me, Aldabra the best natural inheritance you can leave your children!

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