• Dr Frauke Fleischer-Dogley
    Chief Executive Officer

    Frauke is a trained conservation biologist who was appointed a trustee on the board of SIF in 2003. Since 2007 she has led SIF as chief executive officer. Improving the management effectiveness of Seychelles' World Heritage Sites is her mission. She believes in science-based management decisions, innovation, and the need to rigorously review established practices to advance conservation management. Her PhD research substantially advanced understanding of the population management of the coco de mer (Lodoicea maldivica), Seychelles flagship species and has been published in several scientific papers. She has over 15 years of experience in protected area management and has also worked in the fields of tourism planning, ecotourism and international cooperation with the Government of Seychelles. In addition she has served on many national steering committees and is also a board member of the Seychelles National Parks Authority and the National Environment Advisory Council and the Seychelles Climate Change Adaptation Trust. Frauke steers SIF steadily through stormy seas of the innumerable ups and downs inherent to managing two World Heritage sites with very different challenges. Among her strengths are keeping the bigger picture in mind and being present and approachable for her staff, thereby getting to know each of them on an individual level.

  • Dr Nancy Bunbury
    Director of Research and Conservation

    Nancy is an island conservation biologist who has led SIF's research and conservation work at both sites since 2008. Before this, she worked on avian conservation in Mauritius for 5 years, where she completed her PhD research on diseases in pink pigeons. She specialises in endangered species conservation and management, invasive alien species control, and improving management of protected areas. She has led many projects, including several successful invasive species eradications, for SIF; part of her work is to secure funding for these projects at both sites. She is a driving force behind much of SIF’s research work, and has co-authored numerous scientific papers. Her underlying approach is to apply or obtain scientific evidence wherever possible to inform and improve conservation and, in doing so, to try to bridge the gap between science and implementation. Nancy is the main contact point for SIF’s international research collaborations and projects.

  • Dylis Cedras
    Marketing and Product Development Officer

    Dylis joined SIF in August 2015 as the marketing and product development officer. Her role is to research and develop products and services that will enhance visitors’ experience in the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra. Dylis’ responsibilities at SIF extend to the development of advertising media and working with promotional agents both locally and overseas to attract more visitors to both sites. Due to her outgoing personality she has served as master of ceremony at several national events of importance for SIF. She is very much looking forward to the Aldabra House project and getting ready to take on an even more important role.

  • Mary Hoareau
    Financial Controller

    Mary joined SIF in September 2008. As the financial controller her main task is to oversee the accounts department which is comprised of two other staff. Mary ensures that the SIF accounts run smoothly! Her aim is to help ensure that the operation of the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll receive enough resources to keep both sites protected. She considers herself to be an easy going person who appreciates life to the fullest, living her life with these quotes “Family is heaven on earth” and “Live everyday as if it was your very last day” as her main principles.

  • Bernadette Julie
    Senior Administrative and Human Resources Officer

    Bernadette has been senior administration and human resources officer at SIF since October 2014. Prior to working with SIF she had 25 years of experience working in human resources and administration. Her role is to facilitate staff matters, including, recruitment, promotion, training and development. Bernadette also advises SIF managers on staff matters; provides technical advice to the CEO, prepares contracts and arranges work permits if needed. Bernadette is a caring colleague and very supportive to all staff in any situation!

  • Annabelle Constance
    Project and Science Coordinator

    Annabelle started working with SIF in 2011 and has been closely affiliated with the foundation for more than six years. She recently completed her MSc in environmental science at the University of Zurich and completed her MSc research on mangroves on Aldabra. Since returning to Seychelles she has been promoted to the role of project and science coordinator in which she will facilitate and oversee some of SIF’s major projects as well as research programmes at both sites. As part of this work, Annabelle hopes to operationalise the biosecurity plan for Aldabra and in the process preserve the ecological integrity of one of the most undisturbed ecosystems in the world.

  • Christina Quanz
    Project Coordinator

    Christina started working for SIF in 2008 as a volunteer and is now the Aldabra House project coordinator, responsible for the planning and implementation of Aldabra House which aims to create a remote-access visitor centre on Mahé. In an exciting and interactive way, the centre will bring Aldabra closer to the people of Seychelles and the world. Prior to working on the Aldabra House project Christina worked for 4 years on Aldabra to implement the outcome of her MSc thesis on a renewable energy system for Aldabra which today supplies 98% of Aldabra's electricity demand with solar power. Being very passionate about nature and especially small tropical islands, Christina feels very lucky to have found this unique place to work, where to protection of Seychelles biggest treasures is the day to day priority and work never gets routine but is interesting, challenging and meaningful.

  • Lynsey Rimbault
    Communications Officer

    Lynsey is the communications officer at SIF. She completed her MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at the University of Oxford in 2013 and joined us in November 2016 after working in environmental consulting in South Africa. Lynsey is responsible for local and international communications. She aims to raise awareness of SIF’s work and of the value of the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll among Seychellois and in the international arena. You’ll see her work in our newsletters, annual reports and social media pages. Lynsey is an avid hiker and traveller and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to explore Seychelles!

  • Ronny Rose
    Operations and Logistics Officer

    Ronny is the operations and logistics officer and joined SIF in October 2016. Ronny is responsible for managing head office, Vallée de Mai and Aldabra logistics, including coordinating and organising the process of transportation of supplies and equipment to both sites. Ronny has to maintain effective communications with the managers of both sites and at head office to ensure efficient daily operations. He is looking forward to building a solid career and to contributing to the development of SIF. He believes that anything can be achieved with noble work ethics and team effort.

Vallée de Mai

  • Marc Jean-Baptiste
    Vallée de Mai Site Manager

    Marc joined SIF in 2008 and has been the Vallée de Mai site manager since 2009. Marc is responsible for the daily running of the Vallée de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site and occasionally acts as the relief manager for Aldabra when there is no manager on the atoll or the current manger is on leave. He describes his experience as a site manager of the two sites as a wonderful experience where the work has been both challenging and enjoyable. Marc has also spent considerable time gaining qualifications and experience overseas, including 2 years doing a forestry diploma in Cyprus and, an amazing 4-month placement in the Grand Canyon National Park in the US, and more recently, as a trainee on the Durrell Endangered Species Management (DESMAN) graduate course based at Jersey Zoo in the UK. He is an expert in fighting bush fires on Praslin as well as in surveillance to curb poaching of coco de mers. Marc loves to share his passion for the natural world with everyone and is one of the best guides in the Vallée de Mai during the day but especially at night!

  • Vicky Stravens
    Vallée de Mai Science Coordinator

    After obtaining her degree in environmental sciences at the University of Seychelles, Vicky joined SIF in March 2015 as the invasive alien species project officer for Praslin. She has since been promoted to Vallée de Mai science coordinator and now leads the dynamic research team at the Vallée de Mai, overseeing the team, conducting research and participating in the monitoring programmes such as those for coco de mer growth and regeneration, climate, Seychelles black parrots, and plant phenology. She is still highly involved in the fight against invasive species in the Vallée de Mai and plans and coordinates all control efforts.

  • Maria Brioche
    Education and Outreach Programme Officer

    Maria joined SIF in April 2011 as the education and outreach programme officer on Praslin. Maria is responsible for outreach to tourists, school children and the Praslin community in general. She aims to raise people’s awareness of the work being done by SIF at both sites. She is also responsible for educating school children about the flora and fauna of the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra. Prior to joining SIF Maria was a schoolteacher for 12 years, where she was responsible for both the wildlife club and the Eco-school programme. Her love for the environment and her experience as an educator has led Maria to dedicating her time to promoting environmental education for SIF. Maria is known for her social skills and her incredible ability to make people feel at ease and comfortable, especially small children who love to discover the Vallée de Mai with her.

  • Terance Payet
    Senior Ranger

    Terance is a senior ranger in the Vallée de Mai. He joined SIF in October 2011 as a field worker and later the same year became a ranger. As a research team member he plays a major role in ongoing research and monitoring programmes on fauna and flora in the Vallée de Mai. Terance is a key member of the black parrot breeding team and now leads this monitoring programme in the field each year. Terance has completed the Durrell Endangered Species Management (DESMAN) course based at Jersey Zoo in the UK and he was trained as an EDGE (Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered) fellow focussing on black parrots under a recent national project as part of the Darwin Initiative. Terance has also received specialised training in climbing and mist-netting, but most importantly, has a natural passion for the wonderful black parrots. He is one of the most knowledgeable staff in the field and in every field session with Terance one will discover something new.

  • Sarah Atkinson
    Inva’Ziles Project Coordinator

    Sarah joined SIF in 2017 and works in the Vallée de Mai as the coordinator of the Inva’Ziles project, researching the impacts of a range of invasive alien species as well as controlling their distribution and abundance. Before this Sarah worked with the North Island myna eradication program in Seychelles and also has a wealth of experiences from New Zealand and Scotland working as a specialist in biosecurity and invasive species management. During her time in the Vallée de Mai Sarah will be responsible for overseeing the rest of the Inva’Ziles team, working on projects to trial the restriction and control of rats around black parrot nests as well as wide scale control of tenrec and yellow crazy ants, all using novel and innovative methods. She is very excited to be part of a great project in such an incredible location!

  • Shanone Adeline
    Invasive Species Technical Officer

    Shanone is the invasive species technical officer at the Vallée de Mai and joined SIF in October 2014. Shanone has been extensively trained in invasive plant control techniques and is involved in all research conducted on invasive species in the Vallée de Mai. She works on other research activities including the Seychelles black parrot and coco de mer monitoring programmes. Shanone aims to contribute to the successful eradication of invasive alien species and the rehabilitation of the Vallée de Mai to a near natural state.

Aldabra Atoll

  • Jude Brice
    Aldabra Island Manager

    Jude started working for SIF as a skipper on Aldabra in 2008 and spent many years in this position and in the role of senior skipper, so he knows the waters around the atoll incredibly well. He was promoted to the position of island manager for Aldabra in 2016 and is now responsible for running Aldabra operations, managing staff, supporting the research team, enforcing regulations to protect Aldabra, and providing regular monthly reports to maintain contact between Aldabra and the SIF head office on Mahé. Jude has a great love of the marine world and is a competent diver as well as skipper. It is his deep feeling of belonging to Aldabra which has made him grow in his career, as well as his natural talent to engage with people easily.

  • Cheryl Sanchez
    Aldabra Science Coordinator

    Cheryl joined the Aldabra team in 2017 as scientific coordinator. Prior to Aldabra, she spent several years working in conservation management on tropical islands. The most recent years were spent in Seychelles working in senior roles on a variety of flora and fauna, both terrestrial and marine. Cheryl has a strong background in sea turtle research and is a certified bird ringer. She is responsible for managing the research team on Aldabra: maintaining high quality data collection and storage, collating the information into technical reports, and being the main contact point for researchers on Aldabra. Cheryl aims to continue the research programme and to meet the goals of the new Management Plan for Aldabra.

  • Jennifer Appoo
    Aldabra Assistant Science Coordinator

    Jennifer took up the role as the assistant scientific coordinator on Aldabra in April 2017. Prior to joining SIF she was the project manager at Green Islands Foundation where she coordinated and assisted in several conservation projects encompassing protected area proclamation, invasive species control, community outreach and education. She is experienced in habitat, species and environmental monitoring. Jennifer holds an MSc degree in Marine and Coastal Zone Management from University of Montpellier and is passionate about marine biodiversity conservation. In her new role, Jennifer is responsible for supporting the Aldabra scientific coordinator in the management of scientific and conservation projects on Aldabra and ensuring that efficient and standardised scientific monitoring protocols and practices are implemented in of one of the world’s wonders of nature.

  • Alain Banane
    Senior Mechanic

    Alain joined SIF in 2008 as the assistant mechanic and maintenance assistant on Aldabra, and was promoted to Senior Mechanic in 2012. Alain is responsible for maintaining and conducting services on all outboard engines, aircon units, the desalination plant and the hybrid generator at the research station. Alain is an essential cog in the smooth-running of Aldabra’s facilities and knows the atoll very well after his many years there. He is the longest serving staff on Aldabra and has in many cases saved the Aldabra operation from shutting down with creative solutions. He witnessed the renewable energy ‘revolution’ on Aldabra with pride.