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Research Project approval and evaluation process

  • Proposals for all projects are to be submitted a minimum of six months prior to the proposed starting date.
  • Proposals should be sent to both the SIF Head Office and to Seychelles Bureau of Standards (SBS). SBS has a standard form to complete. (click here..\Science w'shop\SBS form - English.doc) 
  • All projects that are conducted on Aldabra or Vallée De Mai must be approved by the Scientific Sub-Committee as well as by SBS. This evaluation process helps to ensure that all projects are in harmony with the SIF scientific research and conservation goals, objectives, criteria and policies for both sites. Only those projects that are approved by the Scientific Sub-Committee will be allowed. The Board of Trustees is informed of all research projects which have been approved by the Scientific Sub-Committee.
  • Projects that include any type of environmental manipulation or intrusion on sensitive species and habitats are required to undergo an impact assessment and review before they can be approved.
  • Handling and collection of flora, fauna, fossils, etc. is only allowed with written authority, after consultation with the Scientific Sub-Committee. No dead or living specimens are to be removed from the atoll without written approval.
  • All research must be in accordance with Seychelles laws and SIF policies and regulations.
  • Priority will be given to those projects which are already on the priority list for research.
  • Priority will be given to those projects which contain training opportunities for Seychellois scientists and SIF personnel.
  • Major research projects may require the approval of the SIF Board of Trustees.

Information to be included in Research Project Proposals

  • Goals and objectives of the project.
  • Number of scientists requiring permission to conduct the project.
  • Detailed description on methods to be used in the project.
  • Possible impacts of the research on the environment.
  • Amount of time to be spent on Aldabra or Vallée De Mai.
  • Number of field days expected (preferably by site and number of separate trips).
  • Number of field assistants needed.
  • Logistical needs, special requests, equipment requirements.
  • Project budget.

Research fees

  • For Aldabra, Station fees are currently charged per person, covering three meals per day, maid and linen service, and all scientific services and facilities.
  • An additional monthly fee is charged to cover field personnel assistance, research facilities and transportation around the atoll.
  • A bond of $ US 500 should be paid to SIF from the research project budget. This will be refunded on receipt of the final report.

Research reports

  • All scientific visitors involved in research are required to submit a bi-monthly progress report to SIF. These reports should include information about all excursions, any manipulative or intrusive experimentation or activity, a general update on the progress of the project, and any important or unusual findings.
  • All scientific visitors involved in research are required to submit a final report within six months of their departure from site. This report should include, but is not limited to, a summary of the project, any important or unusual conclusions, specific analyses pertinent to the conservation and management of the atoll, and any necessary or recommended follow-up studies.
  • Scientists are to present their research results to SIF in a form which is understandable to the SIF staff and the SIF Board.
  • Three copies of all publications resulting from research conducted on Aldabra or Vallée De Mai are required, and must be submitted to SIF within six months of their publication date. Those publications which are not in either English or French should be translated into one of these two languages within one year of their publication date.
  • SIF has the right of access to any scientific information acquired on Aldabra or Vallée De Mai, even if it is not published.
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