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Aldabra was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 as a prime example of a raised coral atoll and is significantly less disturbed than most other atolls in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere in the world.
  Vallée de Mai
Vallée de Mai was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 as an outstanding example of low- and intermediate-altitude palm forest characteristic of the Seychelles.
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As a World Heritage Site, Aldabra provides an outstanding opportunity to study natural ecological and biological processes. Scientific research on Aldabra is extremely important both to the world’s information base and to Aldabra’s survival. A significant volume of basic research was carried out from 1969 and into the 1980s, which serves as a base for further studies. In addition, several monitoring programmes are in place which provide long-term data on significant species and natural phenomena. While there are many research possibilities and needs, emphasis is given to those studies which provide information on which sound management and conservation can be based.
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A new electronic brochure is now available for the Vallee de Mai. Free to download, this app will enhance your visit to this World Heritage Site. With a forest guide, information on visitor facilities and how to get there, this brochure is the perfect accompaniment both before and during your visit. Download it now!
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