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  1. All vessels must have clearance in writing from SIF head office and the Seychelles Port Authority before visiting Aldabra. Vessels approaching Aldabra must identify themselves and when within one kilometre of the shore will be answerable to the Island Management of Aldabra. The vessel should select its anchorage or mooring within view of the research station and do so in an environmentally responsible way. Vessels should use mooring buoys if these are available. Access to the lagoon and landing on any part of the atoll other than in designated tourism areas is prohibited.
  2. Visiting vessels must remove all rubbish occasioned by their visit.
  3. All visitors must be accompanied by SIF staff at all times, except within the station grounds. Tour operator guides who are familiar with Aldabra and SIF policies, and have been vetted by SIF, may be allowed to lead small groups on permitted trails on Picard.
  4. Visitors are to remain on designated trails or when in open areas, within the limits set by their guide.
  5. Visitors, particularly film crews, must comply with their guide’s instructions regarding approaches to and viewing of animals and plants. 
  6. Aldabra is a strict nature reserve. It is prohibited to remove shells or pieces of coral from any area visited.
    No biological or geological specimen, alive or dead, may be collected by any visitor.
  7. Fishing is not permitted within one kilometre from the shoreline. All boat operators should ensure that this restriction is conveyed to all their crew.
  8. Accidental introductions of alien species are a major problem in wilderness areas like Aldabra. Passengers and crew of cruise ships and charter boats are asked to assist in the prevention of this problem by always ensuring that they wear freshly laundered trousers and socks, and that their shoes have clean treads.
  9. Diving and snorkelling groups shall use only those areas designated and shall be in groups of five or less per guide, except when snorkelling along the reef off the research station where the expedition leader should decide on the safe number per guide.
  10. Standing on or handling coral or any other marine life is strictly prohibited.
  11. All expedition leaders must conduct a short course for their clients on low impact snorkelling before they enter Aldabra’s coral reefs, marine and lagoon system.
  12. Boats and zodiacs entering the lagoon to visit the frigate colonies must stay in close contact with the SIF lead boat. Zodiac drivers must at all times endeavour to keep outboard engine noise to a minimum when within the bird colonies. Mufflers should be used if possible. No-one is allowed to leave the boat.
  13. It is prohibited to approach closer than ten metres to birds roosting or nesting.
  14. Giant tortoises should not be stroked, patted or otherwise disturbed except at the research station where one or two individual tortoises are used to humans. It is strictly forbidden to sit on or ride any tortoise.
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