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The Policy
Aldabra is a strict nature reserve and visitors to the atoll must receive authorisation from SIF. Request for authorisation can be made by contacting the SIF Head Office on the contact details provided.

The SIF policy on tourism at Aldabra is to increase the revenue raised by the SIF in order to support the protection and conservation of the atoll through limited and strictly controlled tourism with a focus on nature tourism and education.

Tourism activities are limted to the following operations:

  • Small to medium size cruise ship tourism.
  • Live-aboard charter boats and private yachts.
  • Live-aboard dive boats.
  • Land-based educational and scientific visits limited to 12 persons at any one time.

Access by a visitor to various parts of Aldabra is limited to the areas defined in the zoning policy and is conducted in a sustainable manner with impact being continually assessed.

Visitors are not allowed to collect shells or to damage or interfere with the plants and animals. No biological or geological specimen can be collected by any visitor. Visitors are also required to abide to sanitary measures to avoid introducing alien plant seeds.

All visitors to Aldabra must at all times be accompanied by an Aldabra staff member. It is not permitted to wander about unsupervised.

Getting there

  1. Aldabra is normally accessible from the main Island of Mahé through a plane to Assumption, that needs to be chartered from the Island Development Company (IDC).  Transfer from Assumption to Aldabra and vice versa would need to be arranged on a specially chartered boat.
  2. A visitor can also hire his/her own yacht on Mahé to visit Aldabra after receiving the authorization from the Seychelles Islands Foundation and the Port Authority.
    With the obvious exceptions of cruise ships, private charter boats and private yachts, all other tourism access is dependent upon air connections between Mahé and Assumption and subsequent boat connections to Aldabra. It is not SIF policy to be involved in the establishment of the boat connection between Assumption and Aldabra.

Fees payable
All visitors are required to pay various fees for each day that a visitor remains at Aldabra.

For professional photographers and journalists a photography/filming fee will be applied for still photography and cine/video photography.

For further information on these fees please contact SIF on info@sif.sc

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