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Aldabra was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 as a prime example of a raised coral atoll and is significantly less disturbed than most other atolls in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere in the world.
  Vallée de Mai
Vallée de Mai was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983 as an outstanding example of low- and intermediate-altitude palm forest characteristic of the Seychelles.
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The objective of the World Heritage Convention is to define worldwide natural and cultural heritage and to draw up a list of sites and monuments considered to be of such exceptional interest and such universal value that their protection is the responsibility of all mankind. The aim of the Convention is therefore to promote cooperation among all nations and peoples in order to contribute effectively to their protection.

Aldabra atoll and the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve are included in the World Heritage list as natural sites that satisfy the stringent criteria set by the International Council of Monuments and Sites and by the World Conservation Union.

They not only exemplify a stage in the earth's evolutionary process but also represent biological evolution and contain the natural habitats of endangered wildlife.

World Heritage status is assigned with the aim of bringing about greater recognition to areas of value and to ensure a commitment to conserving them for future generations. The main implication of achieving World Heritage Site status is the increased responsibility for the SIF for conservation of the Vallee De Mai and Aldabra. World Heritage Sites do not receive any funding from UNESCO, although with World Heritage status it is hoped that funds will be more easily sought from other bodies.  More information can be found at -


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  Free e-brochure for Vallee de Mai!
A new electronic brochure is now available for the Vallee de Mai. Free to download, this app will enhance your visit to this World Heritage Site. With a forest guide, information on visitor facilities and how to get there, this brochure is the perfect accompaniment both before and during your visit. Download it now!
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