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The Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF) manages and protects the Seychelles’ UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Aldabra Atoll in the far south of the archipelago and the Vallée de Mai on Praslin island. SIF are pioneers in nature conservation as they were the first environmental organisation in the Seychelles. Established as a public trust in 1979 SIF has successfully managed both sites for over 30 years, made a substantial contribution to biodiversity conservation and established international and national links and collaborations, bringing benefits to global and national conservation objectives.

The natural life of these sites consists of many unique and endemic species. These include the world’s biggest seed the Coco de Mer in the Vallée de Mai and the largest giant tortoise population on Aldabra. These sites are living laboratories with relatively intact ecosystems which provide excellent examples of evolution in action. SIF is dedicated to ensuring that these World Heritage Sites are well-managed and protected areas where conservation, research, education and tourism are prioritised and sustainably balanced for our future generations.

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