Creole celebrations at the Vallée de Mai


After the success of the Creole festival in October a decision was taken that mini Creole festivals would be held throughout the year in order to enhance visitors’ experiences of the Vallée de Mai, giving them a taste of Creole culture if they miss the main celebrations in October. Creole activities were therefore organised in the Vallée de Mai on Friday 24th November. Activities organised included sales of local snacks at the café, a live Creole song performance by Brian Brigillia, traditional dance performed by staff and a live demonstration of weaving of raffia by local artisan Florette Punse.

Activities such as these are a valuable way to preserve Seychellois heritage. Some of the snacks for sale are traditional treats that are generally not available to tourists or even to locals, with only a small number of people still able to make them. Many traditional crafts like weaving have fallen out of favour, by celebrating them regularly the Vallée de Mai staff hope to help ensure that Seychellois crafts thrive. The Creole celebrations were enjoyed by visitors and staff, with energetic dancing by both!