Senior Marine Mechanic

Closing date: 
20 Sep 2021

JOB TITLE:                               Senior Marine Mechanic

SALARY POINT:                        SG9

RESPONSIBLE TO:                   Island Manager

HOURS OF WORK:                    40 hours per week and upon request overtime

Job Responsibilities:

  1. To maintain the Aldabra research station and settlement's equipment and infrastructure, keeping all in a good and safe condition. This includes outboard engines, generators, compressors, desalination plant, pumps, air-conditioning units, radio communication systems, all other electrical/electronic equipment and water supply distribution system.
  2. To regularly monitor the performance of the solar power system & batteries. To ensure maintenance on the solar power system as and when required (regular retightening of joints of the frame, ensure concrete basements are in good condition if needed cleaning of solar panels). To maintain and keep a record of servicing and refuelling of the backup diesel generator. Keep the powerhouse and its surrounding in good condition.
  3. To report to the Island Manager regarding the order of spares or replacements of equipment.
  4. To liaise with the Skipper over outboard maintenance and fuel stocks. The Mechanic is responsible for stocks of diesel and lubricating oil and should use this in order of arrival (i.e. oldest material first) advising Island Manager on stocks needed.
  5. To maintain tools, workshop, outboard engine shed and generator room in clean and tidy condition, to update tool inventory and inform the Island Manager of breakages and loss.
  6. To help with maintenance and upkeep of the research station (inclusive of the library, laboratory and equipment), settlement (inclusive of the water tower, shop, and laundry room) and field camps and any other facilities.
  7. Participate in anti-poaching patrol and surveillance under the guidance of the Island Manager or other designated person.
  8. Accompany and guide visitors on Aldabra and ensure that their conduct is environmentally sound and that they abide by SIF policies.
  9. To enforce all SIF policies relating to wildlife, plants and the environment.
  10. Ensure that biosecurity measures are implemented to the highest standards for the transit of supplies, equipment, and staff. This may require performing biosecurity checks/briefings at a designated location.
  11. Liaise with the Island Manager, Operations staff and designated biosecurity officers to ensure internal biosecurity processes operate smoothly.
  12. Enforce waste policies and conduct periodic clean-ups with field staff especially within those areas used by tourists and other visitors.
  13. Carry out any other work-related duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.


Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering or 2-year diploma with City and Guilds and 3 years experience in relevant field.

Apply for this post by sending your CV, a completed application form (can be found here or collected from our offices) and a cover letter explaining your capability and suitability for this position. Applications and enquiries on this position can be made at

The deadline for applications is 20/09/21.