Closing date: 
09 Jul 2022


JOB TITLE:                                          Sales Clerk 

SALARY POINT                                   SG 2

RESPONSIBLE TO:                             Visitor Centre Services Coordinator (VCSC) /Site Manager (SM)


Context and Background

The Sales Clerk is responsible for providing a professional service to all clients visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Vallée de Mai


Duties and Responsibilities

As a Sales Clerk at SIF/Vallée de Mai you will be required to carry out the following duties and responsibilities

  • Operate the till and credit card point of sale machines
  • In liaison with the Assistant Account and Administration Officer (AAAO), manage the daily float and assist with reconciliation of monies received at the close of each day
  • It is the responsibility of the Sales Clerk to ensure that monies received correlate with sales. Any discrepancies must be explained/justified or action will be taken through a subtraction of monies lost from the monthly salaries of all Clerks working that day
  • Ensure that all monies received are kept safe
  • Assist the AAAO  with necessary reporting relating to ticket, souvenir and café sales, as well as with banking and other work associated with the taking and reporting of revenue from daily sales
  • Greet clients  with  a courteous and  positive manner
  • Assist clients with the correct information about SIF/UNESCO World Heritage site( Vallée de Mai & Aldabra)
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the contents of the VdM leaflet and any pertinent information which should be relayed to clients
  • Listen for visitor feedback and ensure that relevant information is passed on to immediate supervisor for further follow up.
  • Provide  or  call for assistance in the event that clients have been injured
  • Ensure that work station is kept clean and tidy at all times
  • Ensure effective communication to both clients and works colleagues at all times


Assist with Ad hoc duties;

As necessary, and upon direction of the immediate supervisor, Sales Clerks should be prepared to assist with work in other Sections of the Visitor Centre.

Sales clerk can be posted at different point of sales. Depending on the where the person is posted he/she will be required to perform the specific duties as outlined below;

Ticket selling and Luggage Handling

  • Selling entrance tickets to visitors entering the Vallée de Mai forest in accordance to SIF currency acceptance and market exchange rate. This includes ensuring that the age of child visitors and thus the requirement for payment is clear before entry.
  • Ensure that visitor belongings are carefully received and stored in locked lockers, with the keys stowed safely in the cabinet and the tourists given a ‘card’ with which they can reclaim their belongings. Similarly, return belongings to the visitors upon receipt of the appropriate locker ‘card’.

Monitoring park Entrance

  • Based at the entrance of the Park, check that each entrant has a valid ticket
  • Validate all entrance ticket  with an approved SIF stamp
  • Oversee and report on the entry of residents and GOP-holders
  • Brief Clients on the park policies and regulations
  • Record the number of  visitors entering the forest, time of entry, and ticket numbers as well as any other pertinent information as requested by the immediate supervisor
  • Record the number of entrants to the park and their time of departure
  • Collect all tickets from Tour Operators and/or Cruise Ship Operators, ensuring that the number of tickets received tallies with the number of tourists entering the park. Record all ticket numbers, the Tour Operator, the name of the guide and time of entry
  • Note the time of exit of Tour Operator and/or Cruise Ship groups
  • Maintain the diary of daily events and activities to report to the immediate supervisor
  • Assist immediate supervisor, as appropriate with the collation of recording, input and collation of data relating to tourist numbers, Tour Operator groups, Tourist guides, VIP’s , Special groups , ticketing etc


  • Sell  items in the café ; this include taking order and serving the clients 
  • Promote  and ensure optimal sales of items in the Café
  • Prepare food and beverages upon request by clients and as stipulated on the menu.
  • Prepare  weekly sales  report
  • Report all damaged/ broken utensils and products immediately  to your supervisor
  • Open and close stock  before and after each daily operation ; this should be recorded on the daily bar sales analysis
  • Maintain  stock of items in the Cafe  and ensure proper verification of expiry date on product
  • Assist with purchasing of items from shops and other suppliers.
  • Place order for requested items and follow through until delivery
  • Handover invoice and dispatch payment  promptly and accordingly
  • Assist with regular inventory/ stock taking of café items  and equipments
  • Ensure that complimentary request for cafe items  is recorded  promptly on Issue  note


  • Promote and  ensure optimal sales of café items
  • Have a sound knowledge of the items being sold in the shop
  • Open and close stock  before and after each daily operation
  • Prepare  and submit weekly and monthly sales report  to immediate supervisor
  • Ensure regular update of stock card
  • Manage  and maintain stock of items  in the shop 
  • Place order for requested items and follow through until delivery
  • Report all damaged/ broken items immediately  to your supervisor
  • Handover invoice and dispatch payment  promptly and accordingly
  • Assist with regular inventory/ stock taking of  souvenir items  and equipments
  • Ensure that complimentary request for souvenir items  is recorded  promptly on Issue  note

Sales Clerks should also be prepared to assist with any duties assigned by the immediate supervisor and/or Site Manager

Skills and Attributes:

  • Computer literate- The ability to use various specialist applications
  • Communications – Good verbal  and written communication skills
  • Have a sense of professionalism and well mannered
  • Have a good  and friendly personality 
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Willingness to face  challenges and undertake professional development
  • Teamwork

Professional Experience:

Minimum 2 years of professional experience in the tourism industry or any relevant field

Qualifications and Experience

Minimum Certificate in Restaurant and bar services, Certificate in Tourism and Tour guiding or any relevant certificate in the tourism related field


Fluency in English, French and Creole, knowledge of additional languages will be an asset.


Please note this vacancy is only open to Seychelles applicants. Apply for this post by sending your CV, and a cover letter explaining your capability and suitability for this position. Applications and enquiries on this position can be made at info@sif.sc.

The deadline for applications is 09/07/22.