Closing date: 
04 Oct 2021

JOB TITLE:                             Ranger

SALARY:                                 SG5

RESPONSIBLE TO:                Vallée de Mai Science Coordinator / Vallée de Mai Site Manager

HOURS OF WORK:                 40 hours per week and upon request of overtime

Job responsibilities:

The ranger’s main role is to develop and maintain knowledge and information resources of relevance to the Vallée de Mai (VdM) – including biological, ecological, historical, cultural etc details. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Participation in and conducting of monitoring and research programmes in the VdM according to established protocols and standards to meet SIF’s monitoring and research objectives. 
  2. Creation, organisation, use and upkeep of a library of hard copy information materials for updating knowledge, supporting research and identifying points of interest for staff, visitors and the local community
  3. Development and maintenance of electronic databases such as species lists, identification information, photographic records, equipment inventories and other resources for use by Rangers, researchers, tourists, schoolchildren and others as appropriate
  4. Develop and maintain skills and train others in the use of fieldwork equipment including GPS, binoculars, clinometer, compasses, canopy scopes, callipers, spring balances, tape measures, etc
  5. Assist in updating records and reports relating to ongoing research work, including methodological adaptations, data entry, data analysis (where appropriate skills are available) etc
  6. Develop skills in IT software use (including MS Excel, Word and Powerpoint) and strive to understand research opportunities and pitfalls, which promote the Ranger’s ability to fulfil their potential and contribute meaningfully to in-house research, over and above basic data collection and entry.
  7. In collaboration with the Senior Ranger and Site Manager, continually review and evaluate procedures in place to develop and improve upon activities taking place over the long term
  8. Submit weekly reports and assist in the creation and dissemination of monthly and annual reports and recommendations, to be shared with the SIF Board, SIF Science Committee, Head Office on Mahé and others as appropriate
  9. Ensure that climatic variables are monitored daily and that the results are communicated to the Seychelles Meteorological Service in a timely manner, as well as being available in a usable and up-to-date electronic format for research (both in-house and external)
  10. Finding and filing relevant and useful information in support of research and management of the VdM and its biodiversity, particularly from the Internet
  11. Support and integration of external research projects
    1. Support external researchers with familiarisation, fieldwork and data entry as appropriate
    2. Maintain records and contact details of all research undertaken in the VdM, following up reports and other expected outputs as appropriate with volunteers and visiting students and researchers
    3. Assist in managing involvement with external research around existing priorities and seek complementarities with other ongoing research and/or monitoring
    4. Seek opportunities for personal skill development in relation to new techniques, methodologies, the information introduced by external researchers etc
    5. Work with the Site Manager and researcher(s) to produce reports and presentations for SIF- for internal as well as external interest
    6. Support the Senior Ranger in identifying opportunities for continuation of relevant work even once the researcher(s) leaves
    7. Ensure a thorough understanding of the research work aims, methodology and preliminary results of all monitoring projects and be able to relay those, with or without the presence of the researcher(s)
    8. Attend all presentations given by visiting researchers and students in the VdM and aim to use this information to develop knowledge and skills.
  12. Conservation awareness and education
    1. Assist and undertake in the absence of the senior ranger, planning, managing and implementing environmental education projects linked to the VdM including presentations for different audiences
    2. Contribute to the development and display of educational materials as appropriate
    3. Be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of exhibit areas within the VdM Visitor Centre including monitoring tourist interest in and feedback about the information provided and suggesting appropriate amendments/adaptations to the display material
    4. Keep up-to-date on all information presented in the exhibit areas of the Visitor Centre, and be available and able to provide tourists and others with further relevant information and advice
    5. Assist the Senior Ranger in developing and maintaining good relations with schools and other partners within the community
    6. Assist in seeking opportunities for linking ongoing research work with awareness-raising, capacity building and education
    7. Assist the Senior Ranger in compiling articles and other media information to promote the work taking place in VdM and raise awareness of conservation needs and challenges within VdM
    8. Create and maintain lists of contact details of partners and others involved with SIF and its conservation awareness aims, and ensure regular communications with individuals to keep them to up-do-date with progress, new ideas and general information from the VdM
  13. Collaboration and support of other VdM Departments
    1. Assist the Senior Ranger in working to identify and act on signage needs and maintenance
    2. Assist the Senior Ranger and the Fieldworkers in sharing information relating to issues such as water management which have both conservation and practical implications
    3. Assist the Site Manager as and when requested, for example, with providing guides with up-to-date information about research activities; supporting VIP guided tours; and general visitor management
    4. Assist the Fieldworkers in conducting surveys of all facilities within VdM, to ensure that conservation objectives are maintained within the practicalities of managing the site as a tourist venue
    5. Alert the Site Manager and staff to particular conservation issues and/or the need for minimal disturbance of wildlife in particular areas
    6. Work with the Senior Ranger to advise other VdM Departments and Praslinois involved with VdM of the conservation importance of the site and the need to adhere to rules and regulations
    7. Be aware of conservation implications of various activities, and raise these with the Senior Ranger and Site Manager as appropriate
    8. Conduct guided tours to visitors as requested by SIF management and assist Sales Clerks in briefing tourists about the conservation of VdM and the need to adhere to rules and regulations
  14. Participate and be actively involved in any other duties as may be assigned by Head Office/VdM Site Manager which may include but is not limited to:
    1. Participation in fighting forest fires
    2. Participation in anti-poaching activities as appropriate
    3. Support the Senior Ranger and/or the VdM Site Manager in activities as they arise
    4. Participate in other unplanned activities as they arise

15. Ensure that the SIF Code of Conduct and all protocols and regulations (including EMS protocol) are adhered to at all times and ensure (politely) that others (staff and visitors) do likewise.


A levels or equivalent in Biology or equivalent subjects and 2 years experience in a similar position.

Skills and attributes:

  • Basic scientific thinking and reasoning skills
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and effective interpersonal skills with a range of people
  • Teamwork and respect for diversity – Ability to assist volunteers, researchers, and to motivate trainee rangers and other members of the team to achieve results.
  • Commitment and diligence – Committed to and diligently working towards achieving results for sustainable future of the Vallée de Mai
  • Computer literacy in at least internet and email use, MS Word and Excel
  • Basic data management skills
  • Professionalism and willingness to represent SIF even when not at work
  • Flexibility in work time and tasks
  • Ability to take initiative and be proactive about seeking solutions


Fluency in Creole and English is essential.

Please note this vacancy is only open to Seychelles applicants. Apply for this post by sending your CV, and a cover letter explaining your capability and suitability for this position. Applications and enquiries on this position can be made at info@sif.sc.

The deadline for applications is 04/10/21.