Medium-term consultancy

Closing date: 
30 May 2021

SIF is seeking to develop a coral reef management tool for Seychelles!

Under the Seyccat Blue Grants Fund SIF was awarded project funding for the project titled: “Mapping coral population connectivity and ocean currents to inform management & policy of the coral reef system in Seychelles”. The third objective under this project is to develop a coral reef management tool to aid practitioners in coordinated and collaborative planning, data collection and management.

Specific Role

SIF is looking to contract this work to the appropriate person to carry out the following tasks:

1. Research and investigate the type of management tools used elsewhere to manage coral reef ecosystems.
2. Work with the SIF team to scope out what components would be most useful for reef managers and would help improve management and research connectivity in Seychelles e.g. lists of all current and past research projects with associated literature, monitoring protocols, key research questions, message/advice forum etc. This will be done through a consultation process with reef managers in a web forum.
3. Decide on the best platform to launch the tool from with due consideration for its upkeep and maintenance.
4. Design and implement the tool (with potential additional technical assistance depending on the candidate.
5. Test the tool and consult stakeholders, review and refine tool, launch tool.

Project deliverables
1. Monthly updates to SIF and regular meetings
2. Initial conception report with project plan and timeline (end of month 1)
3. Mid-term progress report (end of month 3) to include a detailed account of scoping exercise and stakeholder engagement.
4. Draft management tool for trial and review (end of month 5)
5. Completed management tool development and launch (end of month 6)
6. Final project report, including details of tool management and upkeep plan (end of month 6)

Required qualifications and skills of the candidate
1. Strong IT skills (essential) and website/app design (desirable)
2. An understanding of coral reef management in Seychelles (essential) and experience in coral reef monitoring or management (desirable).
3. Strong communication skills via email/skype/webinars (essential) and presentations (desirable)
4. Local knowledge of Seychelles (essential) and ability to speak creole (desirable).
5. Excellent coordination and organisation skills and able to work to a deadline.

The contract duration is 6-month. The candidate will work remotely and will use their own computer to fulfil the contract deliverables.

Contractual arrangements
The service will be overseen by the Seyccat Project team PI’s, SIF’s Project Officer and Marine Science Officer (based on Aldabra) who will provide ongoing feedback throughout the project. The Project Officer will ensure that the above outputs are met in the agreed timeframe. SIF shall provide necessary support to the service provider in order to execute the assignment through the duration of the project.

Application procedure
Applicants are required to submit the following documents to on or before 30th May 2021 along with the following:
1. A technical proposal: Letter of interest, stating why you consider your service suitable for the assignment and a brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment
2. Personal CVs of technical personnel proposed for this project highlight qualifications and experience based on the skill requirements above
3. Work references

Detailed TOR here.