Maintenance Assistant (Fond Ferdinand)

Closing date: 
17 Jul 2024

JOB TITLE:                                      Maintenance Assistant

SALARY BAND:                            SG 3

RESPONSIBLE TO:                      PMS/ Operation Manager

LOCATION:                                     Fond Ferdinand (Praslin)

HOURS OF WORK:                       40 hours per week (expected to work overtime)




As per instruction from the Senior Supervisor/Supervisor/Manager, and in accordance with agreed priorities, a Fieldworker should expect to be involved in/responsible for the following activities:

1.           Trail maintenance, including:

  • Keeping paths clear of hazardous plant debris (e.g.: fallen branches), ensuring the paths are in safe conditions at all times
  • Cleaning and maintenance of path drainage and anti-erosion systems
  • Collection of non-natural litter
  • Upkeep and creation of path edges to ensure visitors keep to the paths
  • Management of degradation caused by erosion (e.g., infilling gulley’s)
  • Assist with trail building and maintenance

2.           Maintenance of signage

  • Ensuring that signs are visual and not obstructed
  • Ensuring that signs are in good condition and repairing as appropriate
  • Cleaning and/or repainting signs as appropriate

3. Coco de Mer management

  • Assist with the general coco-de-mer management through collection and de-husking of fallen nuts from the reserve, cleaning, classing and transporting same to the stores
  • Assistance with mapping and surveying of CdM tress in the reserve
  • Thinning of Coco de Mer juvenile

4.  Firebreak maintenance

  • As per instructions, to cut back the vegetation to a height of no more than 10cm within the minimum 10m width of the firebreak
  • In cases of fire outbreaks assist in the safeguarding of the reserve as and when requested including of public holidays or week-ends

5.  Nursery

  • Preparation of the area – including collection of humus and topsoil; mixing of the media
  • Collection of seeds and/or cuttings of native and endemic plant species
  • Sowing and transplanting of seedlings including irrigation, propagation, plant care
  • Handle pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers in a safe manner as and when required

6.   Removal of exotics and rehabilitation

  • Exotic seedlings reaching juvenile status to be removed systematically and in accordance with instruction from management
  • Removal of adult exotic trees as appropriate and in accordance with instructions from management

7.   Water management

  • Maintenance of the water catchments area
  • Maintenance of water pipes
  • Ensuring the area around the waterfall is cleared and maintained in an appropriate manner
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the water tanks

8. Maintenance of infrastructure and facilities

  • General maintenance of the outside facilities including: cleaning, painting, fixing gutters, repairing damage, etc. …  as appropriate
  • Ensuring the “green” areas are maintained, including grass cutting, weeding, mulching, sweeping, removal of vegetation, bins disposal etc...
  • Ensure that the bins located in the car par are kept in a respectable state at all times
  • Upkeep and repair of the seating and shelters within the VdM forest

9. Reporting of damage and/or other instances whereby external contractors will be involved in repair and/or maintenance

10. Assist the Statistical Technicians as and when required

11. Any other activities as arise and requested either by the Supervisor or the Site Manager.



  • Minimum S5 Level of Education with at least 2 Years Working Experience in a Relevant Field or
  • Graduate of the School of Agriculture/Horticulture with basic knowledge in conservation/horticulture


  • Physically fit and able to undertake hard physical work
  • Able to work under pressure and harsh conditions (sun/rain)
  • Teamwork
  • Hard working and motivated
  • Committed

Apply now with an application form (which can be downloaded from our website, or collected at Mont Fleuri or Vallée de Mai Visitor Centre), and your CV sent to and hr@sif.scThe deadline for applications is Tuesday 17th July 2024.