Aldabra Science Coordinator (ASC)

Closing date: 
25 Jun 2021

Summary: The Seychelles Islands Foundation manages and protects the two Seychelles’ UNESCO World Heritage sites, Aldabra Atoll and the Vallée de Mai. We are seeking a motivated conservation scientist to join our team as Aldabra science coordinator (ASC) on Aldabra. The ASC provides overall scientific supervision and management on Aldabra for SIF.  The role encompasses wide-ranging tasks, including ensuring that all monitoring/research projects run efficiently and produce high quality data, coordinating/supervising research staff, supervising volunteers, advising on and developing projects, assisting/advising international researchers and enforcing SIF/Aldabra regulations.

Selection criteria in brief

  • BSc (essential) and post-graduate qualification (MSc or PhD; preferred) in environmental subject
  • Additional experience working in the environmental sector in Seychelles (preferred)
  • Min 2 yr experience coordinating monitoring, research and conservation programmes (essential), preferably in the tropics and on small islands with basic facilities (preferred)
  • Min 1 yr experience managing team in environmental monitoring/conservation work (essential)
  • Experience with database management, report-writing, GIS, statistics and presentations (essential)
  • Experience working with and interest in invasive species (animals and/or plants) (preferred)
  • Positive, problem-solving and resourceful attitude and ability to take initiative (essential)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (essential)
  • Proven determination and commitment to conservation (essential)
  • Proven professionalism and integrity (essential)
  • High level of fitness, strong swimmer and diving skills (essential). First aid skills/certificate preferred

Application and enquiries: Applications are open to local and international candidates. Please contact SIF ( for the job description or collect this from the SIF Office on Mahé. Applications should include a CV and cover letter explaining why you want the position and why you are suitable. Enquiries can be made to the same address. The deadline for applications is Friday 25th June 2021. Late submissions may be considered if a suitable candidate is not found.