Closing date: 
01 Mar 2020

Job Responsibilities:

The visitor’s attendant will be responsible for welcoming and assisting visitors on arrival at the Vallée de Mai World Heritage Site. The visitor’s attendant will also be responsible in ensuring the well-being of the clients throughout the tour and has to give at all times actual, accurate and relevant information during the tour.

  1. Meet and greet visitors on arrival at the site.
  2. Deliver personal introduction and provide explanation of the UNESCO /SIF world Heritage site.
  3. Provide visitors with knowledgeable information of the various services available on site.
  4. Guide and assist the visitors with services available on site. (Café, Souvenir shop, Ticket Booth, Luggage facility)
  5. Demonstrate leadership skills by ensuring that all guided tours are carried out under his/her personal supervision.
  6. Respect time allocated for guided tours and be punctual for all schedule tours
  7. Always address client in a language that they can understand. (Please note that speaking in a language clients do not understand can create a barrier between the clients and the guide)
  8. Maintain clear and effective communication flow with client
  9. Wear appropriate uniform and name badge at all time, as to enable clients to better identify you as the SIF guided personnel.
  10. Ask for feedback with clients after each tours and thanks client for visiting the site.
  11. Provide prompt reports on problems encountered.
  12. Maintain a good working relationship with authorities and all partners of the organisation
  13. Due to the nature of  work at the site  the visitor’s attendant is expected to assist with any other related duties that may be assigned by the supervisor

     14. Ad hoc assistance

As necessary, and upon direction of the Centre Supervisor, Visitor Attendant should be prepared to assist with work in other Sections of the Visitor Centre.

  1. Luggage handling.  Assist the luggage handling staff and/or take responsibility for the luggage handling area when directed to do so.  Ensure that visitor belongings are carefully received and stored in locked lockers, with the keys stowed safely in the cabinet and the tourists given a ‘card’ with which they can reclaim their belongings.  Similarly, return belongings to the visitors upon receipt of the appropriate locker ‘card’.
  2. Souvenir shop.  Assist in the souvenir shop as appropriate and when directed to do so.  This will involve working on the ‘shop floor’, assisting shop staff with maintaining the displays in good order, keeping the shop clean and tidy, promoting shop goods to customers and generally assisting with customer queries and helping to ensure a positive and efficient service.  In some instances, it may also involve assistance with sale of goods and/or packing items after sale
  3. Café.  Assist in the café as appropriate and when asked to do so.  This will include work to assist in keeping the café clean and tidy (including washing and drying-up as appropriate).  In some instances, it may also involve serving customers
  4. Exhibit area.  Assist with maintaining the exhibit areas and their contents

Visitor Attendant should also be prepared to assist with any duties assigned by the Centre Supervisor and/or the Site Manager


  • Diploma in Tourism & Tour Guiding,
  • Good level of English and French
  • Knowledge of a third language is an asset.                       


  • Good knowledge of  Seychelles as a touristic destination
  • Knowledgeable of the environment and natural site
  • Computing Skills
  • Public Relations skills
  • Research skills
  • Knowledge of the different markets


At least 1 year in the related field


  • Pleasant
  • Good PR person
  • Dynamic and able to work under pressure
  • Good team spirit
  • Punctual/reliable