Closing date: 
14 Jul 2019

JOB TITLE:                               Ranger/Boatman


RESPONSIBLE TO:                     Research Officer

HOURS OF WORK:                     40 Hours per week and upon request overtime

Job Responsibilities:

1.   Assist the Research Officer, Island Manager, visiting scientist and special visitors with all issues relating to nature conservation, science, education and tourism.


2.   Implement the monitoring, data entry programmes as per request of the Research Officer or other designated person.


3.   Assist in the planning of camp visits and organizing food supplies accordingly and provide camp food list to the Research Officer on return. 


4.   Accompany and guide visitors on Aldabra and ensure that their conduct is in accordance with all the SIF policies.


5.   Execute the transportation of staff, residents and visitors, including tourists as required and after authorisation by the Island Manager or Research Officer and displaying a high standard of seamanship and boat handling. 


6.   Take responsibility for the safety and good conduct of all passengers on board, whilst displaying a high standard of personal behaviour and leadership.


7.   Ensure that the boats and related equipment are maintained in a safe and seaworthy condition at all times and undertake servicing work on engines in conjunction with Skipper and Mechanic.  Report any damage or loss immediately to the Skipper/Island Manager.


8.   Ensure that the fuel store and fish-weighing shed are kept tidy and well organised at all times and also ensure that records of the fuel consumption/boat are kept.


9.   Help with the maintenance and upkeep of the Research Station facilities and equipment.


10. Assist with the maintenance and upkeep of field camp, trails, scientific transects and other science and conservation programme related needs in the field.


11. Assist in additional duties within the employment grade as well as to enable the smooth running, maintenance and upkeep of the research station, settlement, gardens, trails and field camps including proper disposal of rubbish.


12. Due to the nature of the location and position all staff may be required to take on and fulfil duties beyond the scope of this job description.  These duties should be completed as requested by either the Island Manager or direct supervisor, Research Officer.


All SIF employees are expected to assist in adhering to and enforcing the National Park and Nature conservancy Act, Aldabra regulations and SIF protocols, policies and Code of Conduct.  SIF is an equal opportunity employer and requires that staff behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times.  All staff represent the organisation and even when off Aldabra are expected to behave in a respectable and professional manner.  



IGSCE level or O-Levels plus 2 years working experience in a relevant field or successful completion of post secondary education and must posses a coxswain certificate up to 10 nautical miles.