IT & Database Development Officer

Closing date: 
15 Feb 2019


The Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF) manages and protects the two Seychelles’ two UNESCO World Heritage sites, Aldabra Atoll and the Vallée de Mai (VdM). SIF runs a broad programme of research and monitoring at both sites, which produces a large amount of scientific data. SIF’s Database Development Officer (DDO) is responsible for the management of databases, local computer maintenance and provision of IT training and capacity building, across the whole organisation. The DDO will have excellent experience in a range of data management applications and tools and a good understanding of scientific data collection and analysis. We are looking for a candidate with experience in database design, development, implementation and maintenance. Specific skills in CyberTracker, R-Studio and Microsoft Access are a plus.

Working under SIF’s CEO you will have a range of duties at SIF Head Office (on Mahé), Aldabra Atoll and the VdM. SIF has an external IT consultant based in South Africa, who is responsible for the management of SIF IT infrastructure at all three sites; you will be expected to assist him when necessary to carry out on-site tasks which cannot be handled remotely.

You will amend, update and improve existing databases for the various monitoring programmes, improve existing CyberTracker and SIF applications, set up new applications to maximise the information obtained from monitoring, and to install apps to present the data in reports. You will be expected to train staff in the necessary software. You are likely to also be given statistical analytical tasks of the monitoring data if this is part of your skillset.

This role offers a unique opportunity for a database specialist to experience and contribute to the conservation of two of the planet’s most pristine ecosystems.

Duties and responsibilities include:

Database/app management and development

  1. Maintain and improve database performance and outputs at Aldabra and VdM;
  2. Develop apps for data processing in consultation with the staff;
  3. Explore and implement ways to make the current databases more accessible to SIF staff at other locations;
  4. Installation of software and apps where required;
  5. Trouble-shoot Cyber-Tracker applications in use at both sites;
  6. Be responsible for first line support for all SIF systems (e.g. including HO accounting software);
  7. Standardise procedures across all three sites to ensure consistency of data and operations;
  8. Identify and put in place procedures to ensure that data is not lost or entered incorrectly;
  9. Set up of archives and digitisation of field datasheets;

IT support

  1. Internal SIF IT support, including SIF computer maintenance, and SIF email accounts administration;
  2. Monitor operation of Aldabra’s logistic system and communicate any issues to the external IT consultant;
  3. Monitor operation of the VdM Point of Sales software and reporting system, and communicate any issues to the external IT consultant;
  4. Be available to carry out fixes quickly on IT problems at all three sites;
  5. Recommend necessary upgrades to hardware and software
  6. Report on IT problems promptly and provide recommendations to management;
  7. Set up and maintain an inventory of all IT equipment and software across all three sites;

Capacity building

  1. Regular IT training of staff across the three sites and keeping staff up to date on SIT systems and their usage;
  2. Develop training manuals for Aldabra and VdM point of sales software and keep them updated;
  3. Create training outputs where required, including FAQs and troubleshooting guide;
  4. Develop protocols for server management, setting up PCs, use and misuse of equipment, cyber-security, what staff are allowed to save where on the server;

Communication and organisation

  1. Communicate with all three sites regularly and liaise with SIF’s external IT consultant regarding any IT issues including general network and server administration at Aldabra, VdM, Head office as and when required
  2. Organise inductions for new staff regarding IT matters, set up PCs for new staff, and explain server management;
  3. Ensure correct filing and organisation of documents/media on servers;
  4. Assist with institutional memory, making internal documents accessible as well as SIF and external publications;
  5. Communicate with the relevant staff (management staff, science coordinators, research staff), to ensure that the IT needs and constraints are understood;

Additional tasks depending on skill set

  1. Graphic design of education and outreach materials
  2. Video editing
  3. Statistical analysis/modelling of scientific data
  4. Staff training in statistics
  5. Prepare for database expansion and improvement and lead this process


Qualifications and experience

  • 5+ years experience and relevant qualifications (BSc minimum or equivalent in management information systems or computer science) in IT maintenance and database management (Essential)
  • Advanced technical understanding of managing complex databases (Essential)
  • Advanced knowledge and experience of backend trouble-shooting, setting up queries and data management in Microsoft Access (Essential)
  • Excellent general IT skills and understanding (Essential)
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel (Essential)
  • Experience in managing large long-term datasets (Essential)
  • Report-writing skills and experience (Essential)
  • Data analysis and experience working with R-Studio statistical programme (Preferable)
  • Experience in CyberTracker (Preferable)


  • Strong communication/team skills, ability to get on well with people from different cultures (Essential)
  • Good work ethic - reliable, committed, highly motivated, professional, and positive attitude (Essential)
  • High attention to detail and thoroughness (Essential)
  • Advanced critical thinking, analytical approach and logic skills (Essential)
  • Experience on islands/remote areas (Preferable)
  • Strong interest and appreciation for conservation work and the natural environment (Preferable)

The position is open to applicants of any nationality.

The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

If you think you are the right candidate for the above position, please send your CV and a cover letter to, or contact us ​here or by phone on 4321735 for enquiries.